Vera Witthaut is a Fashion Editor, Stylist and runs her own agency, the BLKAGENCY in Duesseldorf, Germany. Fashion, music, beauty, performance, art and light is where she’s most alive. Getting inspired by uncompromising artists and people of different kinds, fashion was always her way of expression and a mirror reflecting herself and the world around her.

Working between Germany, South Africa and London Vera collaborated with a number of renowned photographers. Vera’s clients list includes Hugo Boss, Baldessarini, Pierre Cardin, Opel, Tigha, Puma, Lancôme, Sony Music and Givenchy, just to name a few. Vera’s work is often published in magazines like VOGUE, ELLE, L’OFFICIEL and many more.

The collaboration with various characters is what pushes her onwards and stimulates her ideas. In her projects, the concept is often shaped by the characteristics of the models – what makes them different and unique.

For Vera there is nothing worse than uniformity in style. Dignity is unimpeachable – so uniqueness is. 

Vera lives close to Duesseldorf with her husband Viktor and their dog Matilda.